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Aimee Glisson - Titch founder

Starting out as a passion project, Titch was born from our founder Aimee’s desire for a few pieces of timeless clothing items that she could mix and match, and that wouldn’t outdate or wear-out. 

In her search, she began to focus more and more on how her products were made and where they were coming from. Through this research, and having always found sewing and hand-crafting a soothing creative outlet, she decided that she would try to reduce her waste and impact by making her clothing herself. 

After receiving compliments and orders from friends, family and eventually strangers; Aimee decided to make Titch into something bigger than herself. Passionate about sustainability and local up-skilling, we are now a local, small business that strives for simplicity, sustainability and style. 

From minimizing waste, using natural and locally sourced materials and creating timeless and trans-seasonal products; we are committed to making our end-to-end process as sustainable as possible.