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Around the studio pt. 1

This past weekend I worked on a new design that I've been working on for a while. The first few months of the year has been spent restocking after a crazy Christmas season, so it’s great to get back to designing and creating new things again.

I’ve been searching for the right leather for a small tan bag. It’s clear from my collection that I’m a huge fan of black leather, but I’ve received a lot of requests for some brown pieces. And at long last I think I finally found something that I love too!


I’m a huge fan of really soft, buttery leather, but with this design I felt that it needed a bit of structure. I also love the contrast of soft leather with the thinker, harder veg tanned leather (you’ll see this combination in some of my other designs). So I decided to use the thicker veg-tanned leather as a sort of skeleton for the bag, providing structure and contrast.


As with many of my favourite pieces, the design and construction is simple, with minimal hardware, allowing the beautiful materials to be the focal point.

An adjustable strap allows you to wear it longer across the body, or shorter over one shoulder, while a drawstring closure keeps your possessions safe. There’s a small pocket inside for your cellphone.

These new bags will be available in stores soon (see stockists here) and on the site a bit later

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