Titch is an independent design studio, creating leather accessories in Cape Town, South Africa.

What started out as a hobby and an outlet for personal creative expression, soon resulted in a need to find a way to share the end results with others. After making a few items for myself from some small leathers, friends and family started taking an interest and requesting goods. So, in 2013 TITCH was born as a way to meet this demand and continue experimenting with styles, techniques and materials. What you’ll find is less of a curated collection of goods telling one complete story and more of a journey of learning, developing and expressing as I go along.

All materials are locally and sustainably sourced and products are meticulously crafted by our small and intimate team in Cape Town. A great deal of care is put into each and every product at all stages of the process.

We believe in using only the finest and most natural, unaltered leathers from happy animals. As a result each piece will have its own character. The leather may show scars and scratches, telling stories from it’s life. We don’t think this is a defect, we think it gives your product a sense of authenticity.